About Me

Mrs. Stipe Math?

Teaching is in my family. My dad teaches. My mother-in-law teaches, and she and I are at the same school. The result of two Stipe women in the same building? Nicknames. The kids thought of clever and catchy monikers and they stuck: Stipe 1.0 and Stipe 2.0. We joke that I’m the new-and-improved version, 2.0. Sometimes they call us Mrs. Stipe Math and Mrs. Stipe Science. Whatever works!

Drop Some Lines

I began teaching in an elementary classroom. Sometimes we’d start the year with a Bio Poem, a poem about someone’s life! Short, sweet, to the point.

creative, supportive, evolving, techie
facilitator of a class of mathematicians (Though they sometimes don’t think they are yet.)
lover of learning, math, and technology
who feels anxious about writing a blog
who needs collaboration, feedback, and more time (Said every educator ever.)
who gives and shares resources for FREE!
who fears professional complacency
who likes to see students’ (and teachers’) Ah-ha moments
supporter of teachers, answer-seeker, sharer of all the things
Stipe (Math)

The Starting Blocks

I’m heading into another year of teaching, now in middle school mathematics. It’s such a great fit for me and my quirky sense of humor! Fortunately, I get to teach my students with the impressive Open Up Resources 6-8 Math curriculum by Illustrative Mathematics! You’ll be hearing all about my endeavors throughout my experiences using this curriculum. At my school, I’m also a lead technology teacher, and I really appreciate when I can merge my passions for math and tech in a lesson. I won’t say much more – that’s what the blog is for, right?

Please reach out if you have questions or comments! You can find me here or on Twitter at @mrsstipemath.

#PushSend already!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Morgan,

    Thank you so much for giving us middle school teachers access to your materials. My students have loved the 7th grade Open Up slides that you have created. I was wondering if you were planning on continuing to make your presentations for the 8th grade curriculum? I see that you have released your presentations for the first unit of 8th grade and my hope is that we will continue to see what you make at the 8th grade level.


    7 & 8 Math

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    1. Yes! Grade 8 is a work in progress but I’m hoping to get more slides out soon, for sure within August. I’ll get them all out this year, one unit at a time. Thanks for all of your support and I’m so glad my resources have been helpful and engaging!


  2. Hello Mrs Stipe
    I enjoy reading your blog and have been following you ever since I found Open Up Resources.
    I teach Maths to lower grade 7 and 8 in a very small school called Paradise School in rural Goa, India.
    My learners find open up resources very helpful and I have noticed that their understanding of concepts has greatly improved since I started to use these resources. therefore I would like to incorporate open up resources assessment tasks as well but I am unable to access them because we are not a registered K12 school.
    So I am writing to check if it possible for you share the assessment resources with me.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Goa, India


  3. Hello Morgan! I work for Kiddom, an education technology platform that delivers high-quality digital curriculum (like Open Up Resource’s Illustrative Math and EL Education) into classrooms, and helps educators incorporate that curriculum into their instruction. Could we share your blog https://mrsstipemath.wordpress.com/2020/03/15/preparing-for-the-unknown/ in our list of online resources here? https://blog.kiddom.co/online-learning-resources-classrooms-impacted-covid-19/

    We thought that many teachers who read our blog would find the story your transition to distance learning inspiring! Please let me know and we will add it as a link in the resources section. My best,

    Kym Hawkins
    Content Manager, Kiddom

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